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It's time for a real update...

There's been kind of a lot going on with me lately. First and foremost, I'm moving on September 4th! My happy ass is heading to Orlando, and I couldn't be more excited. I thought it would be hard to leave my friends here, but to be honest, it's not going to be that rough. There are only a couple of people here who I'm really going to miss, and they realize that this is a very good thing for me, and that I need to go. The worst part is going to be leaving my mom. I'm already dreading taking her to the airport on the Sunday after we arrive in Orlando. I'm just not sure I'll be able to handle it. =/

While I was in Orlando looking for an apartment, I had a job interview at Disney. Shortly after I arrive, I have to go in and get a background check done, and if they clear me to work, I'll be employed there. I'm just really afraid that with my record, they won't allow me to work there. I think it would be a really fun job, and that I'd be great at it, so it would just suck if they didn't take me, you know?

I also had a date, sort of, while I was out there. I'd been emailing this guy for months, and we'd been getting along really great. The date went well enough, and we've been emailing/texting until now, but all of a sudden, he's stopped writing back. It's really lame, because this happens every single time. I just want to meet a guy who thinks I'm amazing, and who will actually give me a chance. Am I really so terrible to be around? Really? Because every single guy who I'm even slightly attracted to seems to be fucking repulsed by me. Maybe I'll have a little more luck in a larger area, but I doubt it.

My car just got fixed today! It no longer makes angry idle sounds, and I should be able to see how fast I'm going at night! And in two weeks, I'll get my other axle end replaced, so it won't make clunking sounds when I make right turns. It kinda makes me wonder why I put off doing these things for so long, but whatever. At least everything will be good for after I get to Orlando.

Even though the move is so soon, and I have a TON of stuff to do, I've been slacking lately. It's almost like it doesn't feel real yet. I guess I'll start getting my ass in gear here pretty soon, especially since I'm working all the way up until the day of the move. But, I need the money.

I'm really fucking over my job, too. I seriously wish that I could quit now, but as I said, the money is important to me. Ever since I put in my notice, work has been hell. Part of it is because all I want to do is leave, but part of it is because everyone has been treating my like shit. Some people are pissed that I'm leaving because I just got promoted, some people are indifferent, and the majority of the people are going to be ecstatic that I'm gone. It's not a wonderful feeling to be hated, let me tell you. I never wanted it to be this way, but this job has ruined me, it's turned me into this bitch that people can't stand. The people are fucking ridiculous, and the favoritism and backstabbing are getting a little old.

Anyway, I think I'm pretty much done. With everything here. EVERYTHING.

September 4th can't come soon enough.
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