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Hello LJ friends! You may be asking yourself, "What has Rachel been up to lately?" Even if you haven't, you're going to find out, haha.

To be honest, I haven't been doing much of anything. Well, besides work, that is. In the absence of school, I've thrown myself into my job, in hopes of earning the money to get out of this town. There's talk around the store of me being next in line for a promotion, but as I said, it's just talk. Even if they do want to promote me, I'm not sure I would take it. After all, I will be leaving soon, and it would be an awful waste for them to spend the time and money training me, just to have me leave.

Other than that, work has been alright at best. I enjoy most of the people I work with, and the people I don't seem to be dropping like flies. In fact, the most hated 'man' in the store just got fired. Now, we pretty much never fire anyone, since the owner doesn't want to pay unemployment. However, this guy crossed the line. He mouthed off to a superior, and then went on to make a comment about how he couldn't believe that we hired another gay man, and how he believes that all gay people should die. We work for a 'married' lesbian couple! How stupid can you be? Not only that, but I've never even understood how people can hate whole groups of people like that. I just don't understand the point in it. Maybe there is no point. Guh.

I'm going on a diet on Saturday! We hold a Biggest Loser competition ever year in our county, to encourage people to lose weight, with the chance of winning a reasonable sum of money. Last year, my mom actually won, by losing 17% of her original body weight. This year, not only are she and I going to sign up, I convinced my friends Doug and Kristal to sign up with us. We're all getting memberships to the YMCA in town so that we can work out together as well. I'm really excited about this. As everyone knows, I'm a highly competitive person, so that will just fuel me to lose even more weight. At the same time, I'm going to be quitting drinking soda. I'm not supposed to have caffiene anyway, and I'm sick and tired of belching all the time. I'll be posting my starting measurements, weight, and pictures here, but only for me to have a record of my progress, and so that people can hold me accountable if need be.

I'm taking a knitting class again this semester, and it's going well. I've already learned how to cable, and next I'm working on circular/double pointed needles so I can make some baby hats for a coworker. The knitting is going to be especially helpful while I'm dieting, because I tend to eat when I'm bored, so if I have something to do with my hands, I won't want to eat.

This March, I'm taking a trip out to Maryland for the cherry blossom festival. I'm spending the weekend with my old friend Bill, and then meeting up with Beka and her family in DC on Sunday night, to spend a few days with them. It promises to be an awesome time.

And last but not least, I've become a total girl over the past few months. I'm wearing makeup on a regular basis, and look good in it. My hair is long, curly, and semi-attractive. I've run into several old friends who haven't even recognized me. I always think it's funny to see me in a dress with makeup, yet with burns and cuts all over my hands. I may look like a lady now, but I still play rough. ;D

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll post pictures of the new hair and stuff later. Maybe I won't.
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